Construction Info

Total Outstanding Cost to Complete Temple Construction $580,285.00

Item No1
Work Steel Frame
Work DetailsSteel Beam – Horiontal
Material NameSteel Beam
Material  Qty40
Material Unit Cost$750.00
Material Total Cost$30,000.00
Installation Cost$18,700.00
Total Cost$48,700.00
Item No2
Work Steel Frame
Work DetailsSteel Column – Vertical
Material NameSteel Column
Material  Qty40
Material Unit Cost$650.00
Material Total Cost$26,000.00
Installation Cost$16,200.00
Total Cost$42,200.00
Item No3
Work Steel Frame
Work DetailsSteel Angle Bars
Material NameSteel Angle Bars
Material  Qty40
Material Unit Cost$800.00
Material Total Cost$32,000.00
Installation Cost$19,900.00
Total Cost$51,900.00
Item No4
Work Steel Frame
Work DetailsSteel Joints & Bold/Nuts
Material NameSteel Connections
Material  Qty480
Material Unit Cost$40.00
Material Total Cost$19,200.00
Installation Cost$12,900.00
Total Cost$32,100.00
Item No5
Work Steel Roof
Work DetailsSteel -ColourBond Sheet
 – Full Length
Material NameColour Bond Sheet
Material  Qty200
Material Unit Cost$75.00
Material Total Cost$15,000.00
Installation Cost$17,000.00
Total Cost$32,000.00
Item No6
Work Steel Roof
Work DetailsSteel
-ColourBond Sheet
 – Custom Cut
Material NameColour Bond Sheet
Material  Qty40
Material Unit Cost$90.00
Material Total Cost$3,600.00
Installation Cost$7,400.00
Total Cost$11,000.00
Item No7
Work Scaffolding
Work Details

Scaffolding for Roof

& Windows Installation

Material Name 
Material  Qty 
Material Unit Cost$6,000.00
Material Total Cost$6,000.00
Installation Cost$15,000.00
Total Cost$21,000.00
Item No88
Work CeilingCeiling
Work DetailsCeiling Sheet 


furring channel 

Material NameGyproc SheetFurring Channel
Material  Qty100100
Material Unit Cost$42.00$90.00
Material Total Cost$4,200.00$9,000.00
Installation Cost$12,500.00$16,000.00
Total Cost$16,700.00$25,000.00
Item No9
Work Windows
Work DetailsDouble Glazed Windows
Material NameWindow
Material  Qty20
Material Unit Cost$1,500.00
Material Total Cost$30,000.00
Installation Cost$6,000.00
Total Cost$36,000.00
Item No10
Work Windows
Work DetailsDouble Glazed Bi-fold doors
Material NameBi-Fold Doors
Material  Qty4
Material Unit Cost$6,000.00
Material Total Cost$24,000.00
Installation Cost$7,500.00
Total Cost$31,500.00
Item No1112
Work WindowsEntrance Glass Door
Work DetailsDouble Glazed Bi-fold doorsDouble Glazed Door
Material NameBi-Fold DoorsEntrance Glass Door
Material  Qty21
Material Unit Cost$3,000.00$6,000.00
Material Total Cost$6,000.00$6,000.00
Installation Cost$4,000.00$2,000.00
Total Cost$10,000.00$8,000.00
Item No1314
Work AmenitiesAmenities
Work DetailsAmbulant Toilet SetLadies Toilet Set
Material NameAmenitiesAmenities
Material  Qty12
Material Unit Cost$3,000.00$1,200.00
Material Total Cost$3,000.00$2,400.00
Installation Cost$1,500.00$1,200.00
Total Cost$4,500.00$3,600.00
Item No1516
Work AmenitiesAmenities
Work DetailsLadies Rest Room Vanity SetGents Toilet Set
Material NameAmenitiesAmenities
Material  Qty22
Material Unit Cost$900.00$1,200.00
Material Total Cost$1,800.00$2,400.00
Installation Cost$800.00$1,200.00
Total Cost$2,600.00$3,600.00
Item No1718
Work AmenitiesKitchen
Work DetailsGents Rest Room Vanity SetWash Sink Top 
Material NameAmenitiesSink
Material  Qty22
Material Unit Cost$900.00$1,400.00
Material Total Cost$1,800.00$2,800.00
Installation Cost$800.00$400.00
Total Cost$2,600.00$3,200.00
Item No1920
Work KitchenKitchen
Work DetailsCook TopRange Hood
Material NameCook TopRange Hood
Material  Qty11
Material Unit Cost$900.00$1,200.00
Material Total Cost$900.00$1,200.00
Installation Cost$300.00$300.00
Total Cost$1,200.00$1,500.00
Item No2122
Work KitchenElectrical
Work DetailsExhaust SystemSupply and install 36 way
3 phase distribution board
no 1 in the office
Material NameExhaust SystemSwtich Board
Material  Qty11
Material Unit Cost$2,000.00$1,800.00
Material Total Cost$2,000.00$1,800.00
Installation Cost$750.00$600.00
Total Cost$2,750.00$2,400.00
Item No2324
Work ElectricalElectrical
Work DetailsSupply and install
24 way single phase distribution
board no 2 in the kitchen area
Supply and install
66 only 38 watts
LED down lights
Material NameSwtich BoardDown Lights
Material  Qty166
Material Unit Cost$1,500.00$150.00
Material Total Cost$1,500.00$9,900.00
Installation Cost$600.00$2,750.00
Total Cost$2,100.00$12,650.00