Kethara Gowri Vratham: Kethara Gowri Vratham is 21 days fasting which Goddess Parvathi undertook to obtain the left-hand side of Lord Shiva’s body. After 21 days, Lord Shiva pleased with Goddess Parvathi’s prayers, he gave her the left-hand side of his body.

Saturday 30th September 2017 to Wednesday 18th October 2017

  • 6:30 pm Evening Pooja
  • 6:45 pm Kethara Gowri Vratham Pooja

Final Day: Thursday 19th October 2017

  • 10:30 am Special Abishekam for Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvathi
  • 11:30 am Midday Pooja
  • 6:00 pm Evening Pooja
  • 6:20 pm Special Kethara Gowri Vratham Pooja & Thiruvilakku Pooja

All devotees who participate in the Kethara Gowri Vratham Pooja will receive the Kethara
Gowri Thread on the final day after the Thiruvilakku Pooja. Devotees who wish to
purchase Palaharam (Seeni ariharam) on the final day please give your order to the
Temple Priest before Monday 16th October 2017.

If you wish to participate in the Kethara Gowri Vratham Pooja please give your name to
the Temple Priest.